Thank you in advance for your time and filling out the form. We are happy to see you joining our Pilates classes!
Medical Enrollment form for Pace Pilates studio classes for all levels. Thank you a lot for your valued time to complete this form in advance! In case of any questions, please, e-mail to "".
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Please fill in the following with a much detail as possible so that we, the instructor[s], may ensure the best and safest program for you. If anything has been omitted which you feel we should be aware of make note of it for our confidential attention. We hope you enjoy the program and thank you. Select all that apply *

Are you pregnant of post natal? *

Are you a newcomer to exercise?

Has your GP ever advised you to exercise for health reasons?

Has your GP ever advised you NOT to exercise for health reasons?

Please state any illness/injury you have suffered, or presently suffering if not asked above.

Terms and Conditions: 1) We are all humans and can be sick or have some conditions to not be able to attend a class. You are allowed to miss one class at no cost for you but make sure to notify us in advance. *

Terms and Conditions: Tell us which way we are allowed to contact you *

Refund policy: we do not provide refunds. However we can transfer the balance of sessions or classes to another existing client or a future client that you refer. When purchasing a block of sessions, please note you have a 1+week expiration period for use. If you are going away on a holiday or can’t attend the class, please let us know and we can put your sessions on hold until you return. *

This is according to your consumer rights policy.
I declare to the best of my knowledge that the information given above is correct and I know of no reason I should not participate in an exercise program. I accept Terms and Conditions of Pace Pilates. *

Please, declare the information provided is 100% accurate and correct.
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